I Have Met Someone Very Compatible

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I have met someone that seems very compatible. We will meet eachother for the very
first time in the week between christmas and new years. My man found me.... very quickly, so I have no information that I can share about improvement at this time.

Oh... and if this wonderful man and I continue our long distance relationship,
re-locate to be together and are incredibly connected emotionally and physically
etc.... I will send a testimonial of all that went down with him and I for you to
have on your site. Thanks again. Happy Holidays

Advice to other members:

I am already telling other people about AgeMatch and will continue to do so. I met
my late husband through an online dating site, so I completely support this way of
meeting people. Although I was not very active on AgeMatch I appreciated finding the
one person I have connected with. Sometimes, that is all it takes...exposure to the "right one".