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Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained I thought to myself as I signed up for agematch in late Dec. Unbeknown to me, at the same time a charming blue-eyed man was joining agematch. We began to correspond almost immediately upon joining.In mid January we exchanged phone numbers and began to talk and text...all the time, for hours, night and day. We both knew something had clicked, and just felt right. Soon we were making plans to meet and he flew down to see me for a 4 day visit. I was nervous and excited...he was just excited. I needn't have been nervous as the attraction we had felt over the phone was even stronger in person.We felt an instant bond but too soon the visit came to an end and we stood in the airport, with tears in our eyes, running down our cheeks. Before he left we made plans for him to come back soon, next month. But, after he was gone a week, I couldn't stand the separation any longer and have made plans to go to his city this weekend. The distance between us physically is just something we will deal with. I imagine Southwest airlines is going to be making big bucks from us!! We talk for hours about anything and everything and text through out the day. He is so wonderful and he feels the same about me. We are so thankful to have found each other, and thank agematch for allowing this exciting relationship to happen. My heart sings when I hear his voice on the phone. We are pretty smitten with each other. Thank you agematch for my wonderful friend and lover. He agrees!