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I have met the most wonderful girl of my dreams. through a series of mistakes I have met my Joyce. She lives in Tajikistan. Near Afghanistan. I had never heard of the country!
She is 33 with a heart of gold, and i am 60. She loves me madly and i love her madly. She wants to make babies with me. We have known each other for a whole 6 days! we have talked by messaging for about ten hours.
She is leaving her home, parents and job and coming 10,000 kilometers to be with me for the rest of my life. She should be here on my birthday next month. What a birthday present! Her mum and dad approve of us, and I couldn't be happier. I am sure God has planned this for us. No-one else could have made it happen. Joyce agrees with me.

Advice to other members:

Look for the person who has self-respect, not just showing some body parts. If you want body parts, it doesn't matter who they are, but for the love of your life, you need to find a good heart.